in Thoughts.

Time and location.

The most crucial combination of all. On time at the wrong location doesn’t make sense, either does the right location on the wrong time.

Visiting the Tower Hill wildlife reserve in Australia can be done at 5.30 AM and will be accompanied with a cool breeze, any possible combination of  wild koalas, emus, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, turtles and possums, as well as many waterbirds such as magpie geese and black swans OR at 1.00 PM in the middle of a 40 degrees day with most of the animals hiding for the sun.

What would you plan for?

When viewed in a broader perspective some one can ask himself if where you are at the moment fits with the time and location of your wished life path.

Are you where you wanted to be at this moment in life? Are you suffering in the heat of the sun and searching for things hidden? Or did you plan ahead and enjoy the satisfaction of the plan working out and everything that develops around it?

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